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"Sadda Haq" a Punjabi movie by OXL Films – is going to be a sensational flick which will be depicting the real picture of Punjab during the militancy days. Adorned with commendable performances from the cast, blended with an awe-inspiring story which is worth telling and seasoned with every other ingredient; Sadda Haq would be a heart-touching spectacle of distressing past of Punjab. This movie is a story of a hockey player named Kartar Singh Bazz whose circumstances weighed down his passion for the game and compelled him to be a militant instead. A star in making, Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, the producer, actor and story-writer of the film makes the film better with excellent portrayal of his character as Kartaar Singh. Yes, quite usually unusual, but still it is a story of many aspiring young people of those times whose desires were encountered with the prevailing circumstances.

The Director Mandeep Benipal has done an impeccable job in making this film into one of the sensible movies made in Punjabi Cinema, and he has tried his bit for giving every character a perfect role in the movie. The Story is great and shows how many extremely talented sikh youngsters in India fell a prey to the state of affairs and became what they never wanted to become. Packed with deep emotions and historic twists, Sadda Haq is a resolute, no holds excluded action escapade set in Punjab. The unchecked use of torture made the period of 1980’s to mid 1990’s one of the most disturbed and disruptive period. Sadda Haq is a fictionalized take inspired by real events and real characters of that period. Rising beyond the realms of run-of-the-mill Punjabi films, Sadda Haq is going to go beyond being a mere cinematic experience. The Director has tried to strike a perfect balance of history and emotional urgency and hence crafted a heartrending well-paced film which not only entertains but educates well. The pre-occupying and captivating screenplay and story of the film by Kuljinder S.Sidhu would make the audience have goose bumps and in no time would you see them surfing the painful and piteous pages of history of Punjab.

Historically charged, Sadda Haq would be an action packed; true and memorable film that at once would be both intimate and authentic. Well-finished performance by Kuljinder S Sidhu,Gaurav Kakkar, Dinesh Sood, Parmod Matho, Dhriti Saharan and Dev Kharoud will add the entire colour and spark to the film. The splendid musical score by Jatinder Shah, Background Score by Salil Amrute, well sung songs by Lamber Husianpuri,Kamal Khan, Jassi Jasraj, Raj Kakra, Manjira and Fathey Shergill will add a soft touch to the film. If Punjabi Cinema is giving you an opportunity to see excruciating history of Punjab through its eyes, grab this opportunity and get a realistic feel in a dramatized version. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Sadda Haq is going to be a milestone in Punjabi Cinema.